"This workshop was right on time for me…a time when I was at a professional crossroads in my life and not sure which way to turn.

Living Your Legacy delivered the inspiring perspective that I needed to integrate more closely my personal values and beliefs with my remaining career goals, as well as my work ethic. I take great pride in knowing who I am, but this workshop gave me a much richer understanding of who I want to be. It was an invigorating experience! I left the workshop with the ability to go forward feeling more confident than ever that my living will not be in vain!"

—Vincent D. Jackson
   President and CEO, Marketing Moves, Inc.

"Living Your Legacy is not only provocative and inspirational, but extremely practical…a guided tour through our deepest inner challenges to the light of truth that can set us free financially, emotionally and spiritually."

—W. Leighton Haynes
   Principal, Twin Phoenix Marketing

"When you experience the Living Your Legacy workshop, be prepared to dive into the pool of your very soul to unveil the hidden treasures of your authentic self. Living Your Legacy brings to light that which you have always inherently known and yearned for, but could not articulate. An inventive blend of vocational and spiritual principles designed to direct participants to their true selves."

—Cynthia M. Washington,
   Marketing Specialist,
   American Hospital Association

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