Elesa Commerse is the creator and facilitator of Living Your Legacy. She also created the Executive Development Institute for the National Black MBA Association and developed its curriculum for 10 years. Elesa has worked with some of the best and the brightest African American high achievers in the country.

Elesa believes we have a responsibility both to those who came before us and to those who come after us. “For everyone who lost their life, sacrificed their dream, and suffered in silence, we who are here today are the evidence of their struggle. We must excavate, restore and embrace the fullness of our legacy. We do this by first acknowledging the gifts our ancestors gave us. We continue by identifying our own unique gifts and talents and by coming to terms with our mortality. We complete the process by determining what is most important to us and what we want to be remembered for. We let this new level of insight and awareness guide us in shaping a life rich beyond measure.”

Elesa earned her MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Her Bachelor of Science degree, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, is from Smith College. Her career spans three decades of management consulting, brand management and executive development for several Fortune 500 companies. Living Your Legacy has received rave reviews amongst audiences in Chicago, at Walt Disney World and at the Procter & Gamble Company.

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